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Is it weird that cat stevens tears me up?

Is it weird that cat stevens tears me up?

I’m a firm believer in plans not being disturbed. especially important ones such as moving out. And idiotic excuses don’t cover over you screwing up the plans. An excuse such as your friend couldn’t get in her apartment because her roommate wouldn’t let her in ISNT A GOOD EXCUSE. great you’re there for your friend and all, but seriously.. how can she not get in her own damn apartment? shouldn’t she have a key? Makes absolutely no sense. And why couldn’t she go to her parents/ some guardian of some type instead of driving 300 miles just to sleep with you and ruin the plans to move. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.


I know I’m not on as often as I should but I need time to vent. I’m visiting Canada where I’m from with my mom, step dad, step sister, and my boyfriend. We are here for two weeks. First week we spent in Alberta to see the mountains and now we are back where I’m from. But my mom is completely dicking! She’s basically only giving me a couple hours to see my dads side of my family cause “no one would make a decision” BITCH I PLANNED OUT MINE I MADE PLANS WITH MY DAD. It’s fucking stupid how she thinks that seeing her side of the family is more important. They are equally as important. And she wants them to go out of their way to do stuff but they can’t cause they don’t have a reliable car plus they want to keep an eye on my grandpa. So I’m basically pissed because I wanted to see my dad at least for 2 days.. Today and Sunday. But she’s fucking changing the plans last fucking minute just for absolutely nothing. Fuck her.

I feel closer to my friend jasen knowing he has a sailor moon belt.

The point of having followers on your tumblr is that you can brainwash more people so shit you like.

Here’s to you my friend for the good times and the bad for all the memories we spent together
I miss you everyday and wish we could trade places but that’s just silly isn’t it?
Rip Jeff

I feel like I live to empress ┬ápeople. I want to be done with it, but I know I won’t be. I’m a human. And we’re all not perfect. BUT MAN. This past week feels like I just need to empress everyone.. And obviously it’s not working cause I’m using my Tumblr to vent again..

I love being right about a lot of things. Just gives me this superior feeling. But when I’m right about shitty things makes me feel like shit. Like why is everyone shitty these days? Where is my trust in everyone? Why am I so damn AMERICAN?

This dude in my astronomy class sounds like radda from chowder. So I just hear “radda radda radda” when he talks. Is that bad?